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          Arts and Ideas

          Educational. Inspirational. Awesome. Here you'll find cultural centers, theatres, art galleries — and that's just the beginning. Discover for yourself how entertainment and education combine in powerful ways at Purdue.

          Purdue Convocations @PurdueConvos
          Can you believe it's already been 3 years since @HappyWoman9 took the stage in Loeb Playhouse? #tbt //t.co/FyZAH9Ey14
          Purdue Convocations @PurdueConvos
          Who's joining @HamiltonMusical's virtual watch party tonight?! 🙋‍♀️ //t.co/7XgXSAZoxV
          concert in Elliot Hall of Music

          Our stage

          Purdue brings world-class performances and intellectual encounters to West Lafayette.

          Initiated in 1912, Purdue Convocations is among the oldest collegiate performing arts presenters in the U.S.

          With an artistic eye and entrepreneurial flair, Convocations connects audiences through engaging educational opportunities.

          From well-known musical acts and performers to respected lecturers and speakers, Convocations brings talent to campus to expand the Purdue experience beyond the classroom.

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